Underground Central: Part 2

Birminghams Underground Central returned in at the start of 2000. On 17th Feb 2000 I returned to the decks at The Gallery. This was my first set as a Kool FM DJ. FuZion has arrived.

Hooking up with the 3D Mode crew, I had been spending time in the studio with Devize & cutting dubs. Here’s where I first dropped my first dub plate, Lansee, which became 3D Modes first release. I even remember the day Devize came to the Kool studios for my show with a CD & asked me which tunes I wanted to cut.

On 24th Feb, Devize was representing the 3D Mode crew again. His show had a massive following & this night was highlighted by the home made 3D Glasses I made. A highlight for me at least, D thought I was a little mad, but it raised a smile.