R.I.P. Spex – We Will Not Forget You

Sad news has just reached that our good friend Richard Vale (A.K.A. DJ Spex) has passed away. For those of you that know him, will know him as a quality & informed DJ, a nifty producer & of course Spex was a seriously good guy.

Personally, I will always be grateful for meeting Richard in person & always be thankful to him for keeping me in the game. If is wasn’t for the enthusiasm he gave to my shows & label, you would not be listening to the DCA show on UK Bass Radio. He pushed me to raise my game again last year, get in touch with & join UK Bass Radio to broadcast again.

You will never be forgotten my friend.

I will play a tribute show for Spex on 2nd Jul 2006. [Archive coming soon]

Check out a profile for Richard here, as well as respects being paid here & here.

Update 1: Say what you want about Facebook, but it seems one of the steadiest places for tribute pages these days. This is a closed group, but if you want in, get in touch.

Update 2: Satin Storm has also posted up a Cutters Choice interview by Spex here.

Update 3: Check out the Spex Spotlight show on MixCloud. Yes, he produced enough tunes for a while show dedication to his tunes.