Starski : The Missing Links E.P. – Part 1

  • Starting off this journey we set off with the relaxing sounds of ‘Reaktin’K’. Warm basslines & smoothed out beats intro this 3 part release.
  • Next, the trailblazing sounds of ‘Make it Today’. Not enough that can be said for this piece of work. Watch the second half & crank it up.
  • Then we have a lightly paced tune with classic Starski layering, and it’s ‘Japans’ layers which bring treat you well each time.
  • Finish up the E.P, something completely different in the form of ‘Shine Bright’. We challenge you to find a sub-genre for this baby. Experimental beats, liquid ambience & a rolling bassline will have stopping for the rewind.

Digital Deception Recordings
Catalogue number: DDR006
Release date: 27th Feb 2009