Winds of Change

A personal message from FuZion:

Times change. One minute we’re buzzing on every vinyl we bag, the next we’re scraping through tracks, wondering where the magic has gone.

What’s the cause? A change in taste, lifestyle, maturity or something else? Some claim that Drum & Bass isn’t what it used to be. Are they right?

Our taste in music can change on a dime. Whether you’re Hip-Hip, House, Techno, Dub Step or whichever. And, when you’re in the scene, at some point you may ask yourself whether or not you are still getting a buzz.

I’ve been asking myself this for a long time. Honestly, I still don’t know. One minute I could answer no. The next minute a track slaps me in the face. Drum & Bass, and DJing gets under your skin & when whole experience is such a large slice of your life, it can be hard to just let go. Despite the speed bumps.

Fine, the DnB scene changes, it has to in order to move forwards. I rarely hit raves these days. I can’t rave until 4am anymore & still get to work feeling fresh. The old body needs to rest.

In December I will be looking at 10 years presenting radio shows & 6 years of running a record label. Never been able to “quit the day job”, and in the process of everything I’ve attempted to become a DJ, producer (Of sorts), had to do the money thing, manager thing, promoter guy, website nerd, half photographer & graphic designer-ish. I’ve worked on & with labels, promoters, producers, DJ’s & MC’s, cutting plants, mastering engineers, printing firms, retail stores, banks & of course phenomenal idiots. And all while holding up those full time jobs. When I started, I had no idea it would involve so much.

Are we shutting up shop? Not just yet, but here are some changes to the format;

The label(s); we have catalogue still lined up for Starski & Si:K. Those will still be going ahead.

The radio shows; There’s a few things to share with you here. There’ll be a ’10 years on radio’ show on Sunday 20th December 2009. I’ll dig out all of the tracks I dropped a decade ago on Kool FM Midlands as well as a few more.

On Sunday 27th December 2009, I will drop the last ever Deceptive Audio Show. Lump in my throat business. No more weekly shop visits spending untold amounts of money. Make sure you hit the UK Bass chatroom.

However, as mentioned, things change & as soon as the curtains draw on the DCA show, the Drum & Bass Review Show will take centre stage.

Come back in the new year to see what I have planned for you then. Maybe is will fire up that spark we all know & love.

Peace & thanks for all the years of support, FuZion.