Tabla Jam – The Original

If you don’t use flash (like us), the archive is hosted at DnBRadio where you’ll find more playing options.

Regular listeners will be aware that I love the Secret Society remix of Tabla Jam. The track was released on Backlash Records in 2008. If you don’t know it, check that out first.

Back? Good…

The original was never released & the original artists are illusive to say the least. However, perseverance has paid off & I have tracked down one of the original crew. On 5th Jul 2015, the original Tabla Jam was aired for the very first time, anywhere!

Points to note. The Tabla Jam was never fully finished, has not gone through full mastering & the live jam was not quantised.

Points to note, yes. But irrelevant what you’ve been tracking down a tune for 7 years!

Why is this news on the DCA site? Only time will tell.