Music First, Que Club, October 1998

Earlier in 1998, one of my first Drum & Bass albums was Sound in Motion, released April 98, and also around the time that Kool FM found me. Some friends & I went to a rave at the Que Club. This was the turning point which made me want decks.

For those than know the Que Club layout, the layout had colosseum seating which wrapped a sort of half circle around the main dance floor with the stage on one end.

Late in the night, we were up in the seating area & soaking in the tunes. I have no idea who was on the decks, possibly Bryan Gee, when the bomb dropped. Clear Skyz. I didn’t the title of the track at the time but there was no forgetting that bass.

With that drop, the motion of the ravers on the dance floor took my breath away. It looked like an ocean of ravers jumping to the beat in unison. It sent shivers down my spine, I turned to my best mate, Lee, & said, “I wanna do that!”. He asked what & I just pointed across towards the decks. “I’m gonna be a DJ”. His response, “Yeah yeah, you & everyone else”.

One year later, I presented my first show on Kool FM.