NexLevel at the Que Club

Escape teamed up with, I forget who exactly, either Miggs or Maverick to set this one up. The event name was inspired by a 3D Mode dub plate of the same name & brought 3 arenas to an unsuspecting Que Club. This could not fail. Could it?

DJs in the arena 1; Randall, Brockie, Andy C, Ray Keith, Escape, Optical, DJ SS, Ratty, Bryan G with MCs Dett, Warren G, Biggie, IC3 & Skibadee.

Arena 2 had; ABP b2b Pace, Hazard, Devize, Frenzic, Crazy-T, FuZion, Rascall b2b Klone & Blacka while MC’s Accapello, Miggs & Maveric checked in for the mic.

Arena 3 was for all the old school heads with music from 89-93. DJs were; Vocab, Ratty b2b Tango, Altern 8, T-Zone, Glen Aston & Nexus with MC Man Parris hosting.